Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, that was a bit of a break! I was planning on posting last week and more the week before that, but we ended up leaving for Dallas super early in the morning (5:45 am!), and then we were at a house with no internet, and then it was a holiday and I decided to go ahead and make it a computer holiday as well. No screens! Except for ebooks. And recipe look-ups. But that was it, I promise.

I had so many favorite bits that it's hard to remember all of them, but I'll start with the absolute highlight: seeing my parents' lake house complete and furnished for the first time. It is a peaceful, stimulating, beautiful, and creative home all at once and I can't wait to go back. We stayed inside most of the time due to rain and cold weather, but that was fine by me. Being able to sit by a window and read is a quintessential "you are on vacation" activity for me, so there was a lot of that. With sunsets like the one above, can you blame me?

The most surprising part of the holiday was the snow. And snow at both locations, no less! Dallas got snow on Christmas day, which we unfortunately did not get out at the lake house, but was charming to see once we got back into town.  However, it was nothing compared to the winter storm we came home to over the weekend. I still can't believe our plane was able to land in that. The dark, blizzardy inset photo above is what was going on at our house when we got home around midnight. The next day was much prettier.

And finally, there was the presents! I had a great time finding little gifts for everyone and tried to stick with purchasing from small businesses and nonprofits. Here's a mini round-up of what was unwrapped, clockwise from the t-shirt:
  • For my sister, the Ray Bradbury shirt from Out of Print Clothing. She's so cool that it's sometimes hard to shop for her, so I went for a bookish/dorky gift (that decision made sense at the time). And the graphic flames look so good.
  • Corbett gave me these gorgeous earrings from Noble Town Vintage, which I love wearing. Triangles!
  • I gave my dad this mug from the John F. Kennedy Library as a memento from our recent visit there together. 
  • I drew Corbett's name out of our family's annual book exchange hat and decided to go with The Stand. He's been talking about wanting to read it for a long time, so it's nice to see it on the nightstand now.
  • My sister drew my name, and she got me The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus. I read several reviews of it this year and was excited to dive in to the story of what happens to society when children's speech becomes toxic to adults.
  • The pashmina! My parents went to Singapore a couple months ago and brought back a lovely scarf from the market there. It's so soft and silky, and the colors! Just lovely. I haven't taken any good pictures of it yet, but above is a slightly similar design and color scheme from Scarf Obsession.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that your new year is off to a good start. Did you make any resolutions? I haven't had a chance to really formulate any of my own yet, but I've been thoroughly enjoying seeing everyone else's around blogland. Aww 2013, you're so inspiring already!


Suzanne at Lake and Garden said...

What a lovely wrap-up of the holidays! Happy New Year!

Lilly said...

Love all of the gift ideas! I love the fleeces from Out of Print, they stay soft forever! The book exchange is such a genius idea. I would love to add that to my family's traditions! Glad to hear you had a great holiday!

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