Monday, November 5, 2012

October Movies Part II

I'm a bit late posting the conclusion to our October movie fest thanks to some last minute projects at work and those hurricane days, but let it not be thought that scary movies were not watched! For the second half of the month we maintained a blend of classic and new flicks, but this time added some humor. I can't help but watch Hocus Pocus around this time every year - it's just deliciously fun and sweet. Why isn't Thackery Binx a more popular name?

We also got Death Becomes Her, something neither of us had seen all the way through in a long time. Please people, put this in your Netflix queues! It is amaaazing. Over-the-top comedy gold. Goldie Hawn's commitment can not be beat. And it's so great to watch Meryl Streep be outright sexy and Bruce Willis play a wimpy schmuck. I know he's an action guy, but watching this really made me wish he'd play more nerds.

Besides the classics, most of our movies were middle of the road. My Little Eye had some interesting ideas and legitimate thrills, but left too much unexplained for my taste. Same goes for Silent House, though the real-time execution was cool. Ultimately, 28 Days Later remains one of my favorite contemporary horror movies. What's more terrifying - the zombies or the humans left behind? I can't believe it's almost 10 years old!

One can only take so many jumps and general ick, so we blended in a good helping of The Twilight Zone for some nostalgic, suspenseful relief. After so many devils and dates gone seriously wrong, it was rather nice to see William Shatner freaking out over some Magic 8 Ball-esque predictions.

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