Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Movies Part I

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, October is the best. One of the reasons it is the best is that scary movies are now seasonally appropriate fare (none of this, "no, Liza, Alien is not a Thanksgiving movie" business). They are also available in marathon format with apparently no guilt associated with that whatsoever. You want to see 7 straight hours of monsters/thrills/chills/creepy children/possessed inanimate objects? Well, no problem. I'm sure Netflix, TCM, and AMC have got you covered on all fronts.

We have been making a pretty good dent in our scary movie queue, some more enjoyable than others (ugh, Tall Man. Ugh.). Corbett's knowledge of films in this genre is pretty near encyclopedic which explains how cult gems such as The Gate and Night of the Comet made their way onto the TV. I like to throw in a few classics every now and again because the memory of my childhood viewing still impacts my adult perception. Few things remain as terrifying as watching Grace Kelly being strangled over a desk. Others, like The Omen and Evil Dead, feel like required viewing this time of year. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of both those trilogies, particularly since the subsequent Omens will be all new to me. And aren't these posters great? Looking them up was almost half fun. Except for Tall Man. Ugh there, too.

What will you be watching this month? I'd love to know!


Missy said...

It might be predictable but Exorcist is the scariest thing to ever hit the screen for me, but then it's one of the only ones I've seen haha, so that's not an educated opinion. I like the psychological thrillers most! What's the deal with Tall Man?

Liza said...

Psychological thrillers are also my preference. I will always go for that kind of suspense over outright gore (despite the first two movie posters). Do you have any favorites?

Oh man, I remember seeing The Exorcist in the theatre and just freaking out! So scary. I think I spent most of the movie buried in my friend's shoulder. Now that I think about it, I've probably only seen it all the way through once! Could be time for another viewing? Maybe I've gotten braver with age... hah no.

Tall Man? Bad writing, mediocre acting, and a terrible attempt to posit a terrible social message (essentially that people from low socioeconomic backgrounds should not only not have children, but give the children they do have to rich people who can ostensibly be better parents). I was bored out of my mind until that part of it kicked in and then I started yelling at the screen.

Missy said...

hey Liza! glad I checked back! My brother said that all of the Paranormal Activity series was really psychologically thrilling. I'm going to check those out. I thought Moon was amazing, but it's not very scary just kind of sci-fi and psychological. In general I think I prefer ghosts to psychos. Although, I loved Christian Bale in American Psycho but not for the scary story, his character was just so funny - I love the business card scene. Exorcist really takes the cake, I couldn't sleep for weeks after and kept hearing scratching and wondering when I was going to get possessed, as far as psychological fear topics go, nothing beats possession.
You've convinced me on the Tall Man movie, sounds like complete crap. haha xoxo missy

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