Thursday, April 26, 2012

Max Mara Studio

It's not often that I lean in close to my computer screen and say "oooh pretty" out loud to a fashion spread. It happens often enough in my mind, but an actual physical, audible response? That's something special. What's funny is that these Max Mara Studio are quite simple construction-wise. The silhouettes are nothing I haven't seen and loved before. But the unexpected details -  clustering polka dots, slightly Western lace insets, bright watercolor florals on seemingly bridal gowns (oooh pretty!) - make these designs seem effervescent.

Photographs by Giampaolo Sgura, via Fashion Gone Rogue.


Lilly said...

That first skirt is perfection! It would always feel like your birthday wearing it - all that gorgeous confetti!

Have a great day!

samantha ramage said...

love the flowers gathered together around the neckline. still, not impressed that almost all photo shoots look like the same waspy wispy blonde girls. blahhhh


Liza said...

Hah, I love the thought of that being a permanent birthday skit! Good call, Lilly.

Sami, I couldn't agree more regarding the styling. It's a bit generic. But the clothes are perfection on their own and rise above their circumstances, I think.

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