Friday, September 30, 2011

The Month in Books : September

My book choices for this month were all rather mysterious in nature, even though only one of them was an outright murder mystery. Despite the varied genres, they all had me thinking about character motivation. The ending is known for most of them: the World's Fair in Chicago was a huge success. A woman is murdered. Another woman is a murderer. But what brought these people to this point? Why is this happening? What makes a young woman to shoot her husband and flee into the mountains, for instance. Or, in one particular instance, why am I still reading this dopey book? :)

You can always find my reviews on Book Wit, or click directly over to them from the links below. Also, I love hearing about what other people are reading, so please feel free to give me some recommendations!

Above: Like a bird by *nilemaster.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Taste for the Bizarre

I find the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo endlessly fascinating. His amalgamations of produce, animals, and other inanimate objects into human-like heads are simultaneously beautiful and grotesque. I could stare at these pieces for hours and, I'm sure, find new creatures or pieces I would never have noticed otherwise.

From the top: Autumn (1573); Winter (1573); The Water (1566); The Librarian (1566); The Fire (1566).

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Midweek Stimuli

1. The Fall 2011 collection by See by Chloe is just one knockout after another. Come on Texas, bring me something resembling autumn!

2. This honey badger mug by Corduroy made me laugh out loud, which made me want to watch the video again, which naturally led to more laughing.

3. Looks like I'm not done being amazed by what people can do with maps. Jason LaFerrera collages his into animals, this wary fox being my favorite.

4. Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies. Those look crazy good.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Food Appreciation + Sharing

It's Food Week over at Where the Lovely Things Are, which means that there are all sorts of wonderful discussions dedicated to sweet, sweet, savory food. Mallory asked a variety of bloggers (including me!) to share their favorite restaurants, the idea of the perfect food day, and other gastronomic stories. Since I love talking about food, I had really a good time answering her questions. Be sure to check it out, but only if you're in the mood to salivate. There are some seriously delicious things going on over there. Thanks for asking me to participate, Mallory!

Above: Ryan Gosling surrounded by cake, via Pinterest (original photographer unknown - anyone?); Curried Lentil Soup with Chickpea Purée from Serious Eats; Martha Stewart's Lemon Cream Pie, a recipe I can't recommend highly enough if you're into delicious, creamy lemon desserts.

Master of Disguise

These polaroids of Amy Poehler from her days at the Upright Citizens Brigade make me love her all the more. See more shots at New York Magazine, and be amazed at the transformative powers of make-up and Poehler's control over her facial musculature.

Floral Trappings

magical jellyfish
cyclical damage

Louise Chen has a deft touch for unexpected whimsy.

From the top: magical jellyfish; birth (babies first breath); year of the rabbit; shout; cyclical damage.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Portraits from the U.S. National Archives

Portraits of women from the Civil War era by Mathew Brady, one of the most prolific photographers of the nineteenth century. The ornate embroidery and lacework on their gowns is simply amazing.

The photographs above are a part of the United States National Archives, which has digitized over 6,000 images from the series Mathew Brady Photographs of Civil War-Era Personalities and Scenes (National Archives's Local Identifier 111-B). Find out more about the collection at the National Archives and Fold3. You can also see find selections from the series, including those above, on Flickr.

From the top, left to right: Mrs. Weinburg; Miss Ogden; Mrs. Brandon; Miss Wiser; Miss Mary Glenmurry; Mrs. W. Bowden; Mrs. John Callahan; Mrs. Lester. All 1860-1865.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Crewel World
crewel world

This crewelwork (titled Crewel World - hah) by Splinkn is so cheerful!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pieced Together

Gente Rara
Blue lament
la vida en los bosques

Just a handful of the excellent collages by Francisca Pageo. Her blog is equally inspiring if you're in need of a visual lift.

From the top: florever; Gente Rara; Blue lament; la vida en los bisques.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The first thing that came to mind after seeing the digital works of Chad Wys was House of Wax, the 1953 chiller that starred Vincent Price as a demented sculptor who used real bodies as the frameworks for the famous figures on display in his wax museum. While I'm sure Wys didn't intend to invoke anything that depraved, the combination of classical portraiture with molten deconstruction couldn't help but bring it to mind. The drippy features and molten limbs have an undeniably sinister quality to me. There is a sadness, too, to these melting figures. It's as though parts of them have been held too close to a flame and have disappeared altogether. Three of Wys's four digital art series work in this aesthetic to fascinating, thought-provoking effect.

From the top: Nocturne 93; Nocturne 109; Nocturne 91; Nocturne 80. All 2011.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Selections from Spring 2012: The Realistic

I would wear any of the jackets from Theysken's Theory every day. Promise.

Umm, could these dresses by Band of Outsiders be any more charming?

Straightforward color blocking at Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Issa: for all my garden party needs.

Erin Fetherston: for all my other party needs.

The gorgeous navy at Karen Walker is making me rethink my reliance on black.

All images via

Selections from Spring 2012: The Classic

ADAM brought clean lines, preppy pastels, and shiny pretty hair. All good things in my book, especially when accompanied by kelly green sandals.

I loved that all the street-smart looks at DKNY were topped by big floppy hats.

Vena Cava's nod to the 1940s felt really fresh after so many 50s and 60s styles. And there was bonus Maggie Gyllenhaal!

Pringle of Scotland is luxurious beyond belief to me, and their spring collection made me really excited to get dressed for work.

Reem Acra's shimmering evening wear.

Peter Som's touches of Technicolor in every look, be it a belt or a flower photo print.

All images via

Selections from Spring 2012: The Colorful

Ah, Fashion Week. The time when my Pinterest and Tumblr fill up with beautiful, inspiring, and occasionally wackadoo looks straight from the runway. To be honest, I wasn't expecting to be glued to my computer and clicking "Next" on the slideshows for hours at a time this weekend, but there were so many good collections! I was rendered helpless. To share some of my favorites, I decided to do a trio of highlight reels:

1. The colorful, since bright hues played a major part in the Spring 2012 palette.
2. The classic - I like seeing designers play with traditional stalwart pieces, either through interesting fabrics or tweaked silhouettes.
3. And finally, the realistic. These are things I would actually wear. Basically, this is my fashion lust list.

First up, clearly, is the colorful! I think everyone fell in love with Jill Stuart's collection, seen above. The rainbow of citrus tones and soft organic motifs just knocked it out of the park.

It looked like there was a print explosion/collage extravaganza at Basso & Brooke.

The head-to-toe tropical colors at Matthew Williamson.

Barbara's Tfank's homage to Elizabeth Taylor extended far beyond brunette wigs. The 50s silhouette can sometimes come across as too sweet and girlish, but these had a jolt of Taylor's magnetism. Definitely made for grown ups.

Badgley Mischka brought one thing to mind: Barbie. All the hot pink, fuchsia, and sweetheart necklines were made for her.

The surprising luxe combination of t-shirts and ball gowns as presented by Christian Siriano.

All images via

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Map Works

Matthew Cusick's map collages are as lively as they are striking. While the layer of literal representation in the landscape pieces could have come across as arch - a road made of roads, a wave made of oceans - the intricacy and occasional fantasy elements in his work elevates it far beyond a visual play-on-words to something truly marvelous. I am captivated!

From the top: Chasing the Dragon (2006); Empire Revisited (2009); Fiona's Wave (2005); Many Rivers (2009); Patriarch (2006).
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