Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The first thing that came to mind after seeing the digital works of Chad Wys was House of Wax, the 1953 chiller that starred Vincent Price as a demented sculptor who used real bodies as the frameworks for the famous figures on display in his wax museum. While I'm sure Wys didn't intend to invoke anything that depraved, the combination of classical portraiture with molten deconstruction couldn't help but bring it to mind. The drippy features and molten limbs have an undeniably sinister quality to me. There is a sadness, too, to these melting figures. It's as though parts of them have been held too close to a flame and have disappeared altogether. Three of Wys's four digital art series work in this aesthetic to fascinating, thought-provoking effect.

From the top: Nocturne 93; Nocturne 109; Nocturne 91; Nocturne 80. All 2011.

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andrea despot said...

These definitely have a sinister feel to them - they're so weird! But I really do like them. Kinda perfect to for Halloween - but not in a typical way.

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