Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Month in Books : July

I meant to post this yesterday, but it took me a little while longer to formulate my thoughts on The Wise Man's Fear, which I finished earlier this week. I loved it all the way through to the point that I tried to read it slower, to stave off its finish and make it last longer. Isn't it funny how you want to stay inside some books? Others like that for me include Harry Potter, I Capture the Castle, and I, Claudius. Me writing a review would mean that the book was truly over, and I wanted to put off that feeling. There was a 4 year gap between this novel and its predecessor, The Name of the Wind, and I hate to think I'm going to have to wait several years to hear the rest of the story.

All right, enough press for Rothfuss. :) Check out the rest of my reads this month on Bookwit:

Photograph by Sabino Aguad.


andrea despot said...

sounds interesting! i'll have to check it out sometime. (and i totally get what you mean about wanting to stay inside a really good book. harry potter did that for me, too.)

Liza said...

It is! It's definitely the sort of thing that grows on you, but once you're immersed, you don't want it to end!

I loved your post on Harry Potter, by the way. :)

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