Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Parent Trap: Camp Inch

Scenes from one of my all-time favorite movies as a kid: The Parent Trap. My sister and I were obsessed with this movie growing up. Haley Mills! Camp! Switches! Sing-a-longs! It was pretty much perfect. The twins' time at Camp Inch still seems like the ideal summer to me. Swimming, sunshine, a cute little uniform, hijinks, a dance... I would be all over a grown-up version of this.

Fun fact: I never actually went to sleep-away camp! I went to Girl Scout camp in Colorado for about a week in middle school, but my mom was the troop leader so I don't think that really counts as being away. :)

Screenshots via Fan Pop.


andrea despot said...

i still love watching the version with lindsay lohan - i'm ashamed to say i've never seen the original :/

i went to girl scout camp a couple times when i was younger and loved it! (even though i had a completely irrational fear that a shark was as the bottom of the deep end of the lake - pretty dumb, huh?)

those tricks said...

Awwww I loved that movie, too.
Where did you get all the great lookin' stills?

Liza said...

Andrea, you shark fear sounds completely reasonable! We went on a trail ride at my camp, but for some reason I was terrified I was going to be thrown from the horse like the little girl in Gone With the Wind. Keep in mind these horses never went faster than "mosey." It's funny how some things just plant in your mind and you can't shake them.

I liked the Lindsay Lohan version too (such a cute little girl!), but I would highly suggest Netflixing the old one. It's just so hokey and fun!

Steph - I got them from Fan Pop! The link is at the bottom. It's a great resource for screenshots.

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