Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long Time, No See

Aren't you glad I resisted the pun in today's title? It could have so easily been turned into something overtly nautical, but puns and I... no. I'm sorry for disappearing for the past few days. Blogger was down for a little while last week, so I never got to finish up the post saying I wouldn't be back until today. And once you hear my rundown of activities, you'll understand why: parents in town, graduation, packing up all my stuff, moving it down three flights of stairs and driving it down to Annapolis! So many exciting events in a 72 hour period! I'm finally a master (I walked around saying that all week. Master!). And I'm no longer a New Yorker. I'm stopping in Annapolis for a couple weeks with my parents before we all move back to Dallas. I'll continue my job search from there... with Corbett! For the first time in almost two years, we'll finally be in the same city. The mere thought of that is so great I can barely stand it. Ahh, how was your weekend?

While I start unpacking the necessities (before I have to rebox everything), I thought I would get into the mood of my new coastal digs with these paintings from the Boston Public Library. I love the giant, billowing sails on these historic ships. They were originally a part of four murals commissioned for the Public Works Art Project for the Jefferies Point Branch. That location unfortunately closed in the mid 1950s, so the murals were divided up into smaller works and relocated. The above are my favorites from the collection, but you can see all of them on the BPL's Flickr page.

All by Frederic Leonard King, 1934-35.
From top to bottom: Frigates, Constitution and Boston; Topsail schooner, Enterprise; Brig, Sommers; Old Salem Bark; Dreadnought, The Sovereign of the Seas; Ketch; Drake's ship, Golden Hilden.
From Ships Through the Ages at the Boston Public Library.


andrea despot said...

wow, sounds like an eventful weekend!

since i'm still rather new to your blog, i don't know your situation. is corbett your boyfriend? and you'll finally be living together? if so, yay! and i can totally relate! this summer i'll be moving to san francisco and it'll be the first time in 4 years that i'll be in the same state, let alone the same apartment, as my fiancé.

so, good luck with finding a job. seriously, i wish you all the best! the only part that scares me about moving across the country is finding a job when i get there and being able to pay rent, so i completely understand and relate. it's terrifying but still really exciting.

Liza said...

Oh my gosh, Andrea - we seem to have been in almost mirrored situations. You're moving all the way to San Francisco after 4 years apart? That is incredible. I am truly excited for you!

Corbett is my boyfriend, and while we won't be living together as yet (I'm moving in with my parents so as to be rent free while I search for job and he is actually with his parents right now because he just sold his house), the thought of being in the same city is just great. I'm so excited to hang out with him for more than 4 days in a row! I'm new to your blog as well so I'm not sure how often you and your fiancé got to see each other, but I'm sure you're eager for consistent together-time.

I know exactly how you feel as far as looking for a job, too. It's nerve-wracking to go to a place when you don't have that cushion. My job search is nationwide, so once I find something, Corbett and I will pack up and go forth together.

Good luck on your job search!

andrea despot said...

thanks, liza!

if you don't mind me asking, how old are you? for some reason i had it in my mind that you were much older than me (i'll be 24 on saturday), though i'm not sure why, lol.

well, a quick recap if you really want to know:

i moved from virginia to southern florida for college where i met sean. we were dating 9 months and then i graduated and between my parents and i, we decided it would be best for me to move back home to save money and look for a job (basically what you're doing now). i definitely don't regret it because saving money over the past 4 years will help in san francisco. sean and i only got to see each other about every 3 months, sometimes for a weekend, sometimes for a week during the summer and at new year's. he moved to sf in january to go back to college to get his master's in concept design (he has his bachelor's in animation and so california is the place to be for that). thus, the reason for my move out there! it's time to finally be together and time for me to move out of my super small town and get a "real" job in photography. (i'm a photographer at a printing company but we really don't get much photo work other than furniture color-correcting. yay.)

anyway, there it is in a nutshell! and i think it's strange (but cool) that we're both basically in the exact same situation! through blogging, i've found that our situation really isn't that rare, when i used to think sean and i were strange for doing long distance for so long.


Liza said...

I don't mind at all- I turned 26 in April. Perhaps it was my love for old lady-ish things like embroidery and murder mysteries that threw you off? :)

It looks like California is going to be the promised land for Sean and you both! I have no doubt that you will be going far beyond furniture color-correction very soon.

It is awfully strange/cool that we have had such a similar experience! Corbett and I had been friends and fellow workers at a museum for about a year before we started dating, but then it was only 6 months of that before I moved to NY. I too thought we were in the minority, but it seems like more people are going into the long-distance situation. I'm glad that both of ours are at an end though. :)


andrea despot said...

yes, definitely glad that ours are coming to an end :)

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